Client Testimonials are integral to Kuhnke Communication because they help you, our potential customer, build trust in our abilities and establish our credibility. The feedback which we receive from our clients inspires and motivates the Kuhnke Communication team.

"We engaged Kuhnke Communication to work with our communications department on a major launch.  The commitment, insight and expertise they provided was invaluable.  In 1 1/2 days the presentation techniques of eight teams of people went from good to great.
The approach was both firm and fun.  We all benefitted from the enthusiasm, willingness and professionalism."



"Kuhnke Communication unleashed my ability to speak compellingly with sincerity and conviction. The approach is thoughtful, innovative and personalised. Elizabeth ensures that the sessions are both well-structured and fun."

Russell Hampshire, KPMG Partner


"I have worked with Elizabeth for over 10 years. As a purchaser of her services I have found her to be challenging and stimulating; engaging and responsive; productive and supportive - feedback which has been echoed by those with whom she has worked, both on an individual and collective basis. Elizabeth has the ability to connect on a personal level across a wide range of individuals and tailors her advice and guidance accordingly. In addition, communications with Elizabeth are good, she has consistently delivered her contractual obligations in a timely manner and she has provided great support to many of our Corporate Responsibility/Pro Bono initiatives. Elizabeth has undoubtedly been an excellent and much valued addition to my extended team."

John Lucy, HR Director


"Elizabeth is fantastic!  She gives 100%+ as she helps people achieve their goals. Her feedback is thoughtful, insightful and given in a way that encourages and enables one to improve.  I can't thank her enough for her support."

Ingrid Jacobson-Pinter, Past President


"I never make a presentation without thinking of Kuhnke's Keys to Communication: Clarity, Confidence and Commitment.  They work every time !"

Andy Dawson, Rieter Automotive Systems


"I invited Elizabeth to be a speaker for one of the Lunch 'n' Learn sessions that I run at lastminute.com. She was able to capture the audience straightaway with her charisma, professionalism and wisdom. At the end of the Lunch 'n' Learn, everyone was energized, smiling and described that session as one of the most enjoyable in the last few months.
That was a great lesson on how to communicate in an innovative way."

Assunta Cucca, Event Co-ordinator


"Should you ever question the benefit of personal and public performance skills being part of your portfolio, spend half a day under Elizabeths' tuition, and you will realise that there is so much more to know, learn and understand. Invaluable expertise in the knowledge proof and understanding of how to present in public."

Peronel Barnes, MD The Project Managers


“Elizabeth has been a key note speaker at one of our networking events - "Powerful Conversations - Successful Negotiation Skills for Women" – http://www.womenintechnology.co.uk/powerfulconversations/ and she has also presented an evening training course for us - "Confidence and Credibility".

Both events have been excellent and she managed the different sized audiences with ease. She brings so much value to an event both in terms of the content of her presentations and the personal insight she contributes.

I enjoy working with Elizabeth and would highly recommend her as both a public speaker and trainer for smaller sized groups.”

Maggie Berry, Managing Director


"A true professional with great passion for her subject, Elizabeth delivered a session that was engaging, focused, creative and full of energy. As an added bonus, Elizabeth is great fun to work with and came up with some really interesting ways of presenting the material."

Marie Antoniou, Partner


I have known Elizabeth for over six years and she is a great character and a breath of fresh air when it comes to business. She is very well connected, highly efficient but with a great sense of humour. She inspires all she comes into touch with and I would recommend her skills to everyone.

Tim Hallchurch, MBE Hon Secretary and former Chairman,
Oxfordshire Institute of Directors


Senior Director of
a large multinational
mobile operator.

" The coaching sessions with Elizabeth are extremely productive. Get to the point fast, tangible and actionable feedback and noticeable improvement in my presentation skills instantly as a result of that. Apart from that it is fun and pleasant to work with Elizabeth."

Senior Director of a large multinational mobile operator


"Allen & Overy's Smart Start Experience is an annual programme which gives young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across London an opportunity to gain an insight into the world of business. It sees over 100 students aged 16-17 taking part in a week-long programme of workshops and challenges. Part of this was a 'Presenting with Impact' session run by Elizabeth Kuhnke. Her enthusiasm, energy and expertise made the session motivating, useful and very enjoyable. She is a highly skilled trainer who can hold her audience's attention in an engaging and fun way. "

Zahra Naqvi, Learning & Development Manager, Allen & Overy


Work Experience Student from The Oxford Academy

Elizabeth is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She has such a positive outlook on business and life in general. I spent a few weeks with her for work experience and gained many invaluable skills in becoming more sociable, confident and professional. I believe that Elizabeth's beliefs are very inspiring and particularly influential to the younger group, which lack a certain sense of confidence and self esteem.

Karim Khan, The Oxford Academy


I observed Elizabeth present to Women In Science and Engineering at Cambridge University and was impressed with the way she lead the session. Her personal style is full of warmth and humour and the session she ran was productive, practical and a lot of fun.  In addition to engaging and entertaining the participants, she helped them recognise the importance of non-verbal behaviour – including voice and body language – showing them how they can enhance their communication skills by being aware of expressions, gestures and postures – both their own as well as others’. Her approach and insights were spot on!

Carol Collins MFIPI, AICI CIP (USA)
President, The Federation of Image Professionals International


James Cracknell, OBE

When it comes to presentations and media skills coaching Elizabeth Kuhnke is Olympic quality. Moving from active sportsman to public speaker has required a new skill set. Elizabeth has guided me throughout this process. Her knowledge, ability and perseverance bring out the best in a person. She is a dedicated coach and knows how to adapt her style to meet yours. The process is demanding; the results are well worth the effort. I can’t thank her enough for her continued support.

 James Cracknell, OBE

                       Double Olympic Gold Medalist &Great British Rowing Champion