Radio Interview on How To Communicate With Mindfulness with Shamash Aldina

Radio Interview on How To Communicate With Mindfulness with Shamash Aldina


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Below is a list of the questions covered and the interview is finished up with Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream’ speech.

1. You run an organisation called Kuhnke Communication. What did you used to do before running your company?

2. Your first book was body language for dummies. Why do you think it’s important to know about body language?

3. Can you give some examples of how your knowledge of body language has helped you in your own life?

4. What do you do in a typical day?

5. You mentioned to me that you’re writing the book ‘communication skills for dummies’. What’s sort of topics do you cover in that forthcoming book?

6. Many of my listeners are interested in mindfulness. Do you know how a sense of mindfulness, or presence, can help with effective communication?

7. Communication is obviously at the heart of good relationships. Have you worked to help people with their personal relationships?

8. In your opinion, which public figure has the most effective communication skills, and why?

9. Can you offer us 5 very practical tips that can help us to improve our communication skills today?


Shamash Aldina is one of the UK’s leading professional mindfulness teachers ( He is also the author of Relaxation For Dummies and Mindfulness For Dummies. 

July 2013

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